Blog Kickoff

Four weeks have gone by since our launch date… or maybe I should more accurately say, Four weeks have flown by since our launch date. We are doing this thing called church day in and day out now. Where my days were filled with painting and drywall just a month ago, they are now filled with sermon prep, service planning, relationships, connecting, and conversations. It’s a new season and I am so excited for the new pace, new people, and new possibilities for ministry and connection!


This morning, I find myself carving out time to take a deep breath and reflect on all that God has done in the last ten months since we formally started our journey to launch a new church on the north side of Springfield. I am incredibly humbled to get to be part of the story that God is writing in our city through The Connecting Grounds.

To all of those who have been a part of the process to launch TCG- I say thank you. I appreciate every prayer that has been prayed, every dollar that has been given, every word of encouragement that was spoken, every sore muscle that was strained in demolition, every paint stroke that was done as we prepared to open the doors. Thank you from the bottom of my heart- we could never be doing the work that we are doing today without you and all you did along the way! It has not been an easy journey to get to this point… and it will not be a perfect journey from this point forward.

We are not a perfect church- no church is. However, we will do our best to steward the vision that God has trusted us with; to connect people in our community, to do life together, to create a safe place to wrestle how to develop and grow in faith and apply it to our daily lives.

As a leader, I cannot tell you that I will always get every decision right, that every message will be a home run, or that I will always have the right words to say. However, I can promise to be real, to share my struggles, and admit my shortcomings. I can assure you that we will struggle forward together and have authentic conversations about the hard things in life where our faith often gets hung up.

We are launching this blog for that very purpose… a place where our staff can post thoughts and share personal insights on life, leadership, faith, our city, and our culture. It is also a place where we will be sharing the transparent stories of the people who make up TCG and give them a space to share how God is moving in their lives.

We are overwhelmed by the whirlwind of events in the last month; and we look forward with expectation to the many months to come and how God will continue to move here at TCG and the lives that He will change in the process!

Christie LoveComment