Everyone's Call

This week in our weekly services, we have been talking about Connecting Your Gifts and Talents. (You can listen to this message by clicking here.) I have had numerous conversations with people over the last few days that have reminded me that one of my favorite experiences is getting to help people find out how their talents, gifts, passions, and experiences come together to create a unique calling that is theirs. There is something powerful about getting to watch God work and move through each individual person!

  • Watching people find victory over addiction develop a heart to help others find freedom.

  • Seeing parents of teenagers invest in younger parents to encourage them and direct them.

  • Experiencing retired individuals love on and champion a younger generation to lead well.

  • Listening as people who were once homeless give advice and share resources with others walking that path.

  • Observing as someone is willing to use their past painful loss to speak into someone else walking a similar path of grief.

I believe that this type of personal ministry, where we are loving others personally and intentionally, is often the most effective.

As believers, we are all called into ministry. Not everyone is going to hold a titled role in a church or be in a full-time ministry role… but we are called.

Everyone is called to love. (John 13:34)

Everyone is called to serve. (1 Peter 4:10)

Everyone is called to steward the gifts that God has given us for the gain of the Kingdom of God! (Romans 12:6-8)

There is no exemption in scripture to these calls… they are the fingerprint of faith that we leave on the world around us. We are called to be involved and active in the world which requires us to engage in relationship, step out of our comfort zone, and find “our thing”.

Everyone has “a thing”… a purpose, a unique contribution that you make to this world. As long as you are here on this earth… God has a plan and a purpose for existence! I want to challenge you to find your call and walk in it.

As I said in our message this week, “We are not saved to sit on the sidelines.” We are called to be engaged and in the game. Not just some of us… but all of us.

Participation…that is everyone’s call. It looks different for each of us to participate but it is up to each of us to seek and to serve where we can and are called. It’s like the old saying goes, “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” What is your something?

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