What to expect at a TCG service

You will see people attending services at TCG wearing everything from work uniforms, comfortable clothing, casual dress, and more dressed up ataire. We do not believe that it is what you wear on the outside that matters in worship, rather it is the inward condition of your heart and focus of your mind that matters.

You can expect to see people worshipping God in the way that they are most comfortable. You will see people sitting, standing, kneeling in prayer, raising their hands, clapping, dancing, and some just observing quietly. You will hear a wide variety of musical styles including; contemporary worship, hymns, gospel songs, upbeat praise music, and quiet reflective instrumental music.

We have a teaching team here at TCG so you will not always here from the same person. Our messages last around 30 minutes and are often followed by a time of prayer that is led by a Pastor and our worship team. There will be three announcements at the end of the service where you will be asked to fill out a weekly connection card. These cards, along with your tithe and offerings can be dropped in the buckets at the end of the rows on your way out of service.

We invite you to stick around after service for Connection Cafe- a time to grab coffee and get to know other people here at TCG!