Explore our Connecting Groups

The goal of these groups are to help you find people that share your interests or your struggles so that you can connect and not have to do life alone. Each of our groups connect regularly online and meet together in person at least once a month!


Addiction Group

This group is for people who have overcome addictions in the past or for people who are battling with addictions currently. This is a safe place to find support, encouragement, & people who understand the battles of addictions first-hand.

Abuse Survivors Group

No one understands the struggles and long-term impacts that abuse survivors endure better than someone who has been there before. This group gives you a safe place to talk about everyday challenges and support one another.

Book Club

Do you love to read and discuss books? This group reads through a book every two months and discusses it and issues of life and faith in our FB group. We will discuss how to apply what we read in all areas of our lives!


This group is for anyone who is currently struggling with any of these issues or those who have found freedom from past struggles. You can post for prayer, answer discussion questions, suggest resources, & much more in this group.

Chronic Illness/Pain Group

Living with an ongoing illness or pain can be frustrating and hard. Having people that understand your daily emotions and battles can be a huge blessing on good days and bad days.

Foster/Adoptive Family Support

This group is a great place for people to share the unique experiences, struggles, and situations which are unique to families that are fostering and/or have adopted. You will find support, friendship, understanding, and resources in this group!

Men’s Group

This group is open to men of all ages. It is a place to talk about daily life, challenges, prayer needs, and to challenge each other to grow in their faith and friendships.

Mom’s Group

Being a mom changes everything. This is a group where you can share struggles, ask for prayer, build friendships, and share ideas with other moms who understand and want to walk through motherhood with you!

Exploring Faith Group

Are you curious about Christianity, have questions about the Bible, or wanting to explore faith and what it means to follow Christ? This group will answer questions, challenge you to think through issues, and help you to grow in your faith and relationship with God.

Grief Group

Have you experienced a loss that has changed your life and your perspective? This is a group to talk about loss and how to find hope in the midst of the struggle. You will find support, empathy, and strength to heal together.

Young Adult Group

College, Moving out, First Jobs, Relationships, Finances, and so many other things come with learning to adult. Connect with other young adults that are navigating this season of transition as well and talk about life, faith, and purpose!