Our Values

These six values help to shape all that we do here at The Connecting Grounds. Take a moment to read what each one means to us and how they shape the culture you will experience here. 

Culturally Aware.png

Being culturally aware...

means that we are students of culture; listening to our community, being aware of trends, and working to understand the struggles and strongholds that people are facing in their day to day lives. We want to be aware of our culture, engaged with the issues, willing to tackle hard conversations and get involved in practical ways with the world around us.

Community Facing.png

facing the community...

is an intentional choice to not be focused on ourselves but put the focus on our friends and neighbors. We are active in our community, taking the initiative to build partnerships with other churches and organizations, and always looking for ways that we can make an impact here in North Springfield and rippeling out into our city and the rest of the world. 

Copy of Community Facing.png

Cultivating authentic connections....

gives everyone that is part of The Connecting Grounds the freedom to be themselves at all times. There is no need to put on a mask or feel like you need to act a certain way when you are at church. This is a place for real people to be real about problems, struggles, and celebrations in their life. God loves you just as you are- and so do we! 

Critical conversations.png

Having Critical Conversations...

means that we are not afraid to tackle tough issues. So many churches stick to the issues that are black and white, avoiding the grey spaces of life where discussions are harder to have. We are not going to shy away from the grey spaces... we value questions, conversations, and listening the perspectives of others. We feel that to be engaged with our city and effective in sharing the Gospel we have to be willing to bring hard issues to the table and talk about them in respectful ways with one another. 

Creative Collaboration.png

Creative collaboration... 

requires us as a church to think outside of the box. We do not do things just because they have always been done. Rather, we are always looking for new, innovative ways to leverage talents, gifts, technology, and ideas in a way that brings the Gospel to life and makes it easier to connect with those who are experiencing it. We are dedicated to trying new things and finding new ways to connect the church with the community around us. 

being a change catalyst

means that we long to be a part of changing the status quo for the church and the community. We pray for opportunities to be a part of racial reconciliation efforts in our city, gender equality advancement in the church, agents of healing with the LGBTQ community, and bridge builders between the generations. We believe strongly that Jesus came for all and in him- all are one! It is our deepest desire to help bring unity to the body of Christ here in Springfield and beyond.